Slush Drinks: How to Get Started & 7 Slush Drink Recipes to Try

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Maybe you’re thinking of how much more refreshing those summer afternoons with the kids would be if you had a slush drinks machine for your family.

Perhaps you’ve realised that these ridiculously profitable drinks can help you introduce an additional revenue stream to your business, from kiosks to cafés and larger premises.

Either way, we’ve got you! Here are all the steps you need to turn that craving into a mouthwatering slush drink.

Slush drink recipes

How do you make a slush drink?

Making a slush drink is actually surprisingly easy. While it’s always worth checking the instructions for a specific model, usually all you need is:

  • A slush machine
  • Your favourite slush syrup
  • Water

The first step is to get your syrup-to-water ratio right. We recommend starting with 1:6 and adjusting it according to your personal preference once you’ve tried your first slush drink.

Once you’ve poured this mixture into the machine, you can simply turn it on and let it do its thing. Most models take between half an hour and an hour to be ready, but choosing a commercial slush machine that relies on fast freezing technology can take it down to only twenty minutes.

Finding the right slush drinks machine for your budget and needs

Whether you’re planning on purchasing a machine for your household or business, we still recommend opting for commercial models.

Sure, you can find cheap slush machines for under £100, but they won’t be as durable and reliable… and you most certainly can’t expect the same high-quality slush drinks that you remember from your childhood holidays.

Overall, when choosing a machine, you should first figure out:

How many flavours you’d like to have in one go: one tends to be a good enough option for households, whereas we recommend having at least two as a business to get the very best out of your investment and countertop space
How much room you’ve got available for it
Your budget (realistically), taking syrups and cups into account
To make things easier and help you browse a varied range of budget-friendly and more professional options, we’ve compiled this guide and list of slush machines.

Now that you know how to make slush drinks and have hopefully found the right machine for you, let’s get to the fun part!

7 delicious slush drink recipes for a cool and unforgettable summer

The good thing about slush drink recipes is that all you need to do is… add the syrup. Easy!

We have over twenty different syrups for you to choose from.

However, if you want to impress your customers even more, outsmart your competitors, or create the party of a lifetime for your friends, you can serve them with some garnish, too.

Here are our suggestions for these slush drink recipes. And if you’re currently waiting for your syrup to be delivered, we’ve linked to some DIY recipes that you can try in the meantime.

1. Blue raspberry

is a timeless childhood favourite for kids and adults alike. Consider adding some actual raspberries or garnishing the glass with a slice of lemon.

2. Red strawberry

Not only does this slush recipe taste like summer, but it looks like it too! Take it to the next level by cutting some strawberries and using them as a garnish.


3. Orange

Much like juice, orange slush drinks go down so easily. Needless to say, you could add an orange slice to the glass rim, too.

4. Tropical

No soft drink screams ‘exotic holiday’ quite as loud as a refreshing tropical slush. It tends to be one of the most colourful slush drink recipes too, but you can make it look even more paradisiacal by getting creative with pineapple slices and leaves or other exotic fruits like mangoes.

5. Lemon & lime

Tangy and refreshing, lemon & lime slush drinks are a zesty option that will brighten up any summer day. Use a slice or wedge of either fruit to decorate your glass.

6. Mango & passionfruit

One of our 99% fruit syrups, this delicious natural option is an unforgettable take on the iconic tropical flavour, or you can try and make your own. Obviously, some sliced mango or a combination of mango and lime is a must.

7. Cocktail slush drinks

From mojitos to pina coladas and colourful blue lagoon cocktails, alcoholic slush drinks are an exciting twist for grownups. Just add the right spirit to your chosen slush drink recipe.

Blue-Lagune Cocktail

These are only some ideas to get you started, but don’t forget that you can create even more slush drinks with the right syrup: browse our full range, and start surprising your lucky guests, family members, or customers with the tastiest and most colourful drinks.