Psst…don’t forget to stock up on slush cups!

Okay, so you’ve bought the slush machine and stocked up on a range of fruity syrups.... you’re almost ready to go!

Now it’s time to grab those all important cups . You need not look any further, as we stock a range of premium slush cups for serving delicious slush drinks to your customers.

Our branded slush cups are made from PET plastic to guarantee better durability than the standard PP equivalent. That means you never have to worry about the plastic breaking or leaking when serving.

You can purchase our slush cups in either 10oz or 16oz, with optional dome lids. (Although, we would highly recommend you go big so your customers can enjoy more of the good stuff!)

Slush cup with lid

Kids will go mad for our novelty twist slush cups

It’s a given that drinking slushes is always a fun-filled experience, right?

But kids are sure to go mad for our twisted branded cups. Their vibrant colours and quirky shape will become a hit with customers of all ages (yes, even you!) and will make the perfect serving option for parties or even as a tasty weekend treat.
Everyone will enjoy slurping their slushie from these novelty cups – and what’s more, they could add significant profit to your slush sales – kerching!

Thanks to their durability and reusability, you could charge between £2-£5 per serving and even offer a re-fill for a discounted price.

Each box contains 190 cups including a lid and straw so you can get started serving your tasty slushes to your customers as soon as they arrive.

So, what are you waiting for? Browse our extensive range of cups for slush drinks now.