Guide to Frozen Drinks Machines for Businesses & Homes

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Frozen drinks machines are never a bad idea. Whether that’s for your business or household, one of these bad boys will ensure a variety of perks that go beyond the actual tasty beverages.

Never used one?

Here’s a simple ice drinks machine guide to get you started.


Why invest in a frozen drinks machine?

If you run a business, investing in a frozen drinks machine will allow you to increase your profits without rethinking your entire model nor having to sacrifice a huge portion of countertop surface.

You’re probably thinking of the iconic red and blue pairing from your childhood, but nowadays there are syrups in all kinds of flavours and colours. This means that you can keep your drinks menu varied and surprise your customers with creative specials.

Plus, frozen drinks machines aren’t just for traditional slush: you can use them to sell other products like frozen yoghurt or slush cocktails, for example.

They’re also a versatile choice for a large variety of businesses, from cafes to kiosks and bigger locations like theme parks or zoos.

Another reason to invest in frozen drinks machines is that the margins are genuinely incredible. On average, selling a 9oz slush drink for £1.20 will only cost you £0.14 in syrup, cups, and straws, leaving you with an 88.33% net profit.

If, on the contrary, you were thinking of buying a frozen drinks machine for your home, get ready to become everyone’s favourite person!

We especially recommend it if you have children or enjoy organising large, unforgettable parties.

How do you use a frozen drinks machine

Luckily, using a frozen drinks machine is super easy, but we still recommend getting started by checking the manual of your specific model.

To give you a good overview, though, here’s how most of these machines work: they include a cooling system that turns your initial liquid mix into the slush drinks that you’re used to, relying on sugar and constant movement to prevent it from freezing.

So, to use a frozen drinks machine correctly, you must start by getting your syrup to water ratio right. 6:1 is the sweet spot in our opinion and, in any case, a safe starting point. Keep in mind that, with sugar playing such a pivotal part in this, low quantities of syrup could lead to your drink over-freezing.

Once you’ve got the ratio right, just let the machine work its magic, but don’t forget to clean it regularly.

Turn it off, drain it, rinse its components, and fill it with a solution of lukewarm water and detergent for around 15 minutes once a week.

How long does it take for an ice drinks machine to freeze?

It can take as little as twenty minutes for an ice drinks machine to freeze, whereas some models range from half an hour to an hour.

This really depends on the individual machine, so be sure to check its specifications when choosing the right one for your business or household.

What is the best frozen drinks machine for business/home?

The best frozen drinks machine for your business or to use at home depends on several factors.

In order to figure it out based on your specific situation and needs, start by deciding:

1. How many flavours you’d like to have on at the same time

2. How much space you can create for it (ice drinks machines can get pretty bulky!)

3. Your budget

The best slush drink for you business

As for the last point, keep in mind that a frozen drinks machine is an investment rather than a standalone purchase, so think long-term! Trying to save money by sticking to a £100 model will likely result in you having to buy a new one sooner than you thought.

Best ice drinks machine for businesses

If you’re planning on increasing your revenue with a small investment, we recommend the Twin Slush Machine. You’ll get to offer two flavours at the same time while making the most of its fast freezing technology to speed up the preparation before a shift.

You can also decide to have it on its own or with a practical starter pack.

Could do with an additional flavour for your rotating menu? Then the best frozen drinks machine for your business would definitely be the CAB Skyline Triple Slush.

Best ice drinks machine for home

Planning on using your new ice drinks machine for events or to entertain your children during the hottest summer afternoons?

The most popular pick tends to be a Slush Puppie Machine.

However, if you don’t wish to compromise on commercial quality and durability, we highly recommend choosing a model that will last you for many more years, like the space-saving Mr Cool It Compact Single Slush Machine.

Find even more frozen drinks machines in our varied range, or get in touch with our friendly team for some advice.