The Best Slushy Maker Machines for 2022

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When you buy a slushy maker, it’s like bringing a sunny café experience into your home or business: cold and tasty drinks whenever you fancy them. How cool (pun intended) is that?!

Let’s see what you can currently choose from and how to identify the best slushy maker machine for your home vs those more suited to commercial use.

Slush Machines

Our slushy maker machine buying guide

Before you buy a slushy maker, it’s important to take the time to find the right one. But how can you do that if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for?

Here’s what you should consider.

Number of flavours

How many flavours do you actually want to enjoy at the same time? Be honest!

If you think you’re happy to change one every few weeks, there’s no point paying extra for something you’re not going to make the most of.

At the same time, if you have kids or frequent guests who can never agree on one flavour, it’s much safer to buy a slushy maker with two or more bowls. Of course, these are also far more appropriate for high volume commercial applications.


Have you thought about where exactly you’re going to place your new slushy maker? When you know, measure that spot so that you can figure out how much room you’ve got to play with.

Oh, and don’t forget about your available height, as some slush machines can be fairly tall.


While you should obviously be realistic when it comes to your actual budget, you should do so regarding quality too: you can’t expect the most delicious café-style slush drinks if you’re only prepared to spend a few hundred quid (or less).

Purchasing the best slushy machine isn’t just a simple purchase. Think of it as a valuable investment instead!

Paying the right price now means that you’ll buy a slushy maker that’s bound to give you impeccable premium drinks for many more years.

Psst. A trick to save some money without compromising on flavour and quality is to opt for a pre-loved commercial model.

6 of the best slushy makers: something for all tastes & budgets

1. CAB Skyline Twin Machine – Most popular with small businesses

Whether you’re after the iconic blue raspberry & red strawberry duo or you can’t wait to create your own combination, one thing’s for sure: you can’t go wrong with a twin slushy maker!

This is the perfect balance between more basic models and larger ones that you can’t see yourself making the most of.

As well as traditional slush drinks, when you buy this machine you also get to enjoy cream, yoghurt, and sherbets.

And, thanks to its fast-freezing technology, you won’t have to wait long whenever you get a slush craving.

Why not get it with a starter pack, too?


2. Slush Puppie Machine – Budget pick

We only recommend buying this type of cost-effective model if budget is indeed your main concern.

Perhaps you’re not looking for the most premium quality nor for a long-lasting machine, but rather for an easy fix for a fun summer?

Then you can find a basic Slush Puppie machine. Since this one also comes with ten cups, you just need to add your favourite syrups.

3. Mr Cool It Compact Machine – Best slush machine for small household events

Including a practical starter pack, this is the best slushy maker for you if you think that, realistically, you’re only going to use one syrup at a time, but you still want a robust machine that will last.

After all, quality matters more than quantity when it comes to enjoying your slush drinks, so commercial-level machines like this are definitely a wise choice (your tastebuds will thank you).

4. CAB Skyline Triple Slushy Maker – Most versatile

Is your motto ‘go big or go home’?

For the most memorable summer events or for high capacity commercial locations, get yourself one of these bad boys.

The three bowls mean that you’ll never have to compromise when it comes to offering plenty of choice to customers or lucky guests.

You can now get it with a starter pack, too.


5. GBG Cocktail slushy maker – Best for cocktails

Let us guess: your favourite thing about slush drinks is the option of adding an alcoholic twist every once in a while?

Then this is clearly the best machine for you.

While you can obviously still prepare traditional slush drinks as well as sherbets and more, your refreshing alcoholic recipes will be unforgettable.

Perfect if you tend to organise large events during the warmest months!

6. Refurbished Mr Cool It slushy makers – Great value for money

Finally, don’t forget about refurbished models, the most cost-effective compromise without sacrificing quality. Whilst we wouldn’t recommend hopping on eBay and hoping your second hand machine will stand the test of time, it’s certainly worthwhile considering purchasing from a reputable specialist supplier.

These are only some of the best slushy makers currently on the market. Still on the fence? Browse our entire range before you buy. Your first deliciously refreshing drink is only a few clicks away.