We know how slush machines work

We have been working on slush machines since we first established in 1999, so it is fair to say we know how slush machines work. We believe that repairing and reconditioning old tired slush machines is a form of recycling and is a cost effective way to get your machine back up and running. Why wouldn’t you repair your old machine when a service costs less than 6% of a new machine?

What machines do we repair?

There are many different makes and models of Slush machine out there and the good news is that we service over 90% of them. Unfortunately we are unable to service any replica machines.

The Servicing Process

1. Initial Diagnosis

It is vital that we diagnose any faults with your machine before we start work. But most importantly whether it is cost effective to repair, If it is not, at this stage we will inform you and only be charged a £40 diagnosis fee.

2. Clean & Cleanse

Your machine will go through intense clean inside and out. We will ensure that vital connections are free from any previous syrup leaks. We will ensure that any dust and grease is blown out and removed. We will also straighten out any bent fins to the condenser.

3. Repairs

It is at this stage we will repair the faults with your machine, this may include replacement of some parts.

4. Reassembly

We will now piece your machine back together correctly exactly how it will have been done in the factory.

5. Testing

The machine will then go through 2-3 days of constant testing and checks with slush product to ensure nothing has been missed.

6. Final Clean

Your machine is nearly done, a final external clean to ensure any slush residue from testing is removed. Your machine is now ready to returned back to you!


We always do our best to keep our service costs to minimum, so we therefore offer a fixed price depending on your machine:

  • Gas pressure checked
  • Condenser cleaned
  • Wet tested for syrup leaks
  • Gas pressure checked
  • Condenser cleaned
  • Wet tested for syrup leaks
  • Gas pressure checked
  • Condenser cleaned
  • Wet tested for syrup leaks

Common Repairs We Carry Out

So your machine has stopped working? Now it is losing you money every day it is out of action. But what is wrong with it? Well we carry out many different types of repairs on slush machines, some are more involved than others but do not worry this is all incorporated into the service cost. Please see below some of the common repairs we carry out:-

  • Programme control boards
  • Replace broken evaporator supports
  • Replace broken base plates
  • Replace solenoids
  • Repair or replace gear motors
  • Replace broken bowls
  • Replace broken spirals or augers
  • Repair damaged frames
  • Rewire faulty electrics
  • Replace faulty switches & relays
  • Rewire or remove light lids
  • Repair syrup leaks

How to safely leave your machine on overnight

A lot of repairs we carry out are due to slush machines being incorrectly left off or in the wrong mode overnight. This video will explain what settings to use to ensure your machine will be up and running the next day!


Below are some of the common questions we get asked regarding repairing and servicing slush machines. If you still have any questions please get in touch with a member of our team.