Slush Machines

We have a wide range of commercial slush machines for sale. Our high specification slush makers are ideal for businesses wishing to achieve a new revenue stream. Serve ice-cold slush drinks to thirsty customers and watch your profits soar!

With both new and used slush machines available, you're sure to find the perfect package below.

Durable Commercial Slush Machines For Sale

If you're looking for a high specification slush machine, that serves delicious frozen drinks over and over with minimal fuss, then you've come to the right place. We stock a wide range of slush machines for sale, both new and refurbished.

Each machine is easy to use with fast freezing time for the ultimate taste, so you can maximise the profit earned from slush drinks all year round.

The large range of slush machines for sale here ensures there is a machine suited to every need. Smaller machines are great for businesses with limited space, particularly ice cream vans, and at home use. Larger commercial slush machines have the capacity to cope with more sales so are able to meet the high demands of restaurants and shops. Multiple tanks also allow for more than one flavour to give your customers a bigger choice.

How Much Are Slush Machines?
Mr Cool It Twin Slush Machine

Trusted Slush Machine Suppliers

With 20 years of experience we know longevity is essential, that's why both new and refurbished machines and parts are sourced directly from the manufacturer.

Our heavy duty slush machines are designed to work at capacity for sustained periods. We sell only premium quality machines for high output areas.

With a capability of 100 small cups per hour for a 10 litre tank, each tank can generate a return of up to £100 per hour when sold with Mr Cool It syrup at the RRP of £1 per 7oz cup. Machines with more tanks have the capacity to generate a greater return and allow for multiple flavours at once.


How long does a slush machine take to freeze?

Most slush machines have a freeze time of up to an hour. Fast freeze upgrades are available on some models for a freeze time of 20 minutes to reduce the amount of machine downtime and increase the opportunity for sales.

Which slush machine is the best?

There are a whole array of slush machines on the market under a number of brands. It all depends on your intended use and how busy your location is. We've put together a guide to finding the right machine for your business here.

How do slush machines work?

To find out how our slush machines work, please read our article here.
For a summary overview of operating instructions, watch the video below:

What syrup can I use in a slush machine?

Whilst it is possible to add any syrup to your slush machine, this comes at the risk of damaging the machine through continual use with poor quality products. We therefore recommend the use of Mr Cool It approved slush syrups diluted at a ratio of 6:1. This means for every measure of syrup you use; you must use six measures of water.