How Much Are Slush Machines?

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Asking ‘how much are slush machines’ is almost like hoping for a one-size-fits-all cost for phones, cars, or houses: with so many factors influencing the final amount, their price tags can really vary.

Still, we’re going to break down exactly what you can expect depending on your needs and preferences when purchasing a new slush machine.

Here’s our overview to break the ice…

How Much Are Slush Machines?

The difference that models and features can make

The cost of a slush machine will change quite drastically depending on what you have in mind: basic plasticky models for the kids vs a reliable long-term investment for your business.

So, how much does a slush machine cost?

A slush machine can cost anywhere from a few dozen pounds to a couple of grands and more.

To give you an idea, there are three main types of slush machines, each with a different starting pricing point:

  1. Simple toy-style machines that you might consider buying to entertain your kids over the summer months can cost even less than £60
  2. Commercial-level slush machines are usually over a grand, as they’re a reliable long-term investment. As well as the durability and the impeccable drink quality they guarantee, the price is influenced by other factors, such as whether or not they involve fast-freezing features and how many flavours you can offer in one go
  3. You can also find refurbished slush machines at a lower price than brand new commercial models

Finding the right type of slush machine for your home or business

the right type of slush machine

Understanding how exactly you’ll be using your new slush machine can help you figure out what type of model and cost bracket is right for you.

While it’s still important to be realistic with your budget, so it is when it comes to expectations.

For example, you shouldn’t try and save money by buying a £100 machine if you want it to last you for many years or to serve a queue of thirsty customers!

Factors to consider

  1. Home or commercial use: this is the most important point. If you’re after a slush machine for your kiosk or commercial premises, then you shouldn’t even look at cheap models. You need something reliable that can ensure the most superior flavours for a long time even when used daily. If, on the contrary, you want a slush machine for your household, then it really depends. Commercial models are still a great idea if you’d rather invest in something that will last for a lifetime and that makes delicious drinks just like the ones you find when you’re out and about. Only after a quick fix during a particularly hot summer? Then it wouldn’t make sense to spend a couple of grands on it
  2. Flavours: the more the flavours on offer at the same time, the higher the cost, obviously. However, think of it in terms of investments and practicality: if you need a slush machine for your business, you’ll definitely make more money by selling several flavours. One bowl is a common option for slush machines that you’ll use at home, vs a three bowl machine for businesses.
  3. Additional perks: this is especially important for commercial settings. Sure, you might save a few hundred bucks by opting for a basic model, but at what cost? For example, a slush machine with fast-freezing technology would make for quicker setting up at the start of the workday. And are you buying just a slush machine, or do you need additional supplies, too? When you invest in a slush machine from Mr Cool It, you’ll also receive complimentary marketing materials such as A-boards, posters, and stickers to help you promote your new slush drinks
  4. Size: while it doesn’t directly influence the price, you should still consider your available space for a new slush machine before falling in love with a specific model since they can get pretty big

Best slush machines for every budget

So, how much are slush machines in practice? Here’s the cost of the best model for every category and budget:

Slush Puppie Slush Machine – £59.99
A basic option if you just want something fun for your kids

Single Slush Machine – £995
A simple, space-saving model for events, small businesses, and households that don’t like to compromise

CAB Skyline Twin Machine – £1,395
Our most popular two-flavour model for small businesses

CAB Skyline Triple Slush Machine – £1,645.00
A majestic solution that lets you sell three different flavours at a time


How much are slush machines, then? As you now know, their prices can really vary, but the important thing is to invest in the right model for your needs. Browse even more slush machines to find it!