Slush Cocktails – Why Your Bar Needs Them

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With the warm weather getting more people out the house and into the beer gardens, it’s no surprise that bars see a rise in sales throughout the summer.

And after months of customers being socially distant from Britain’s favourite pastime, lockdown measures are being relaxed just in time for the summer holidays, so demand for a drink or two is expected to be huge.

But now there’s a new kid on the block that’s got the thirsty customers queuing out the door for the sweet taste of nostalgia…


The Rise of the Slush Cocktail

In recent years, those looking for a summer tipple have turned away from the classic pint to something a bit cooler; the slush cocktail.

This adult twist on a childhood classic has taken the alcohol industry by storm. Customers are now wanting to cool down with their favourite frozen cocktails and bars should prepare to give the people what they want.

Offering a range of popular cocktail flavours in slush form is sure to keep the regulars satisfied as well as bring ample opportunity for mark up on the usual cocktails with minimal additional costs. The new addition to your summer menu will be flying off the shelves on sunny days to keep your profits looking healthy.

Spread the Cost

Buying a slush machine can be a big investment, especially if it’s only being used a few months of the year, but don’t let that put you off. You can lease a Mr Cool It slush machine to give your customers tasty slush cocktails without breaking the bank.

We always recommend using Mr Cool It syrups with our machines to ensure high quality slush is made and to prevent damage. Mr Cool It cocktail syrups are pre-mixed in a range of popular cocktail flavours for easy pouring – just add alcohol!

Or you can get creative and make your very own slush cocktails using Mr Cool It traditional syrup flavours for a truly unique slush cocktail.

Let’s Get Selling

If you’d like to expand your offering and take advantage of the slush cocktail trend, our website has everything you need to get started, from slush machines and syrups and cups and straws. What are you waiting for?

To find out more about hiring a slush machine for the summer, get in touch with a member of our friendly team.