Get set for summer with these slush recipes

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Now more than ever, consumers are looking forward to the warmer, sunnier months.

When lockdown procedures are eased and we can go out and enjoy the sunshine, there will be only one way to cool down… SLUSH.

In this blog, we will list some of the best slush syrup recipes to help you prepare and plan for the coming months, ensuring you tempt customers with the most delicious slushies around.


Springtime showers can only mean one thing. Summer is on its way.

Full of Flavour

It will probably come as no surprise that Blue Raspberry is an all-time favourite flavour. Mix in some Red Strawberry and you’ve got an iconic slush mixture, guaranteed to bring the punters in.

But have you ever considered mixing things up a little more?

Summer is the perfect time to get creative with your slush syrups. After all, we have all been there, sat in the heat, gasping for a cold, refreshing beverage to get our taste buds tingling. So, why would your customers feel any different?

What about trialling a Tropical Cherry flavour? Complete with a glace cherry and umbrella stick. An unusual combination but a real crowd pleaser. Throw in some gimmicky props and really work on the presentation so you can push your new creation on social media, helping to drive in custom.

And have you considered adding a little tipple to your syrups? Brits tend to drink more in the summertime, so now’s the perfect time to trial a boozy slush recipe. Our Kola Kube syrup works particularly well with rum. And Red Strawberry is a treat when served as a daiquiri.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your flavours – a little experimenting may lead to a tasty discovery!

Here are some of the best slush syrup combinations…

Summer Fruits

Summer Fruits in Slush Drink

It’s even more delicious than it sounds!

This summer fruits flavoured slushie is the perfect way to beat the heat and is a favourite with the kids.

Mix Red Strawberry, on top of Pink Bubblegum and Sour Cherry for a tarty treat.


Cool and refreshing – just what’s needed on a summer’s day. Simply add rum to the mojito mix!

Strawberry and Lime

An obvious choice with a tasty outcome.

Try Lemon and Lime syrup with a dash of Red Strawberry on top. You won’t be disappointed.

Apple Sours

One for the adults… Mix Sour Apple with vodka for your own take on the famous spirit.

Pineapple Orange

For a taste of the tropics, try Orange and Tropical together. There’s even opportunity to add a little rum for an adults-only version.

Slush drink


A firm favourite and a summer sensation. Just add alcohol for the perfect frozen margarita!

Mango and Passionfruit

This summery combination is a guaranteed crowd pleaser, especially as it is part of our 99% fruit range!

Pina Colada

A tropical blend of rich coconut and tangy pineapple – just add some white rum and water to make the perfect Pina Colada!

Blue Lagoon

Mr Cool It’s number one cocktail flavour! Blue Lagoon’s outstanding colour has always been a syrup that has sold itself but we have spent years developing this fruity thirst-quenching flavour to ensure it tastes delicious every sip. Simply add alcohol to make some delicious frozen cocktails!

TOP TIP ALERT – This handy video provides our top tips for when it comes to mixing your slush syrup, so be sure to give it a watch before trying any of our recipe recommendations.

Keen to try, but not sure which to buy?

If you’re interested in reaping the benefit and profit of owning a slush machine but you’re unsure which machine is for you. We’re here to help.

Choosing the right machine to fit your needs largely depends on how much slush you’re wanting to make, how much space you have within your premises, and how busy you expect to be.

Our Mr Cool It Skyline model is easy to use and is quick freezing. Plus, there are powerful LED lights behind the bowl so you can really make a spectacle of your slush. The front panels also have a plastic inlay where you can insert your own point of sale artwork if you wish.

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Get set for summer

Now that you are armed with some tasty slush recipes, you’re all set to take on the summer season.

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