How to Prevent A Frozen Drinks Machine from Over Freezing

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Frozen drinks machines can freeze up from time to time, but it is an issue that is very easily fixed.

If your frozen drinks machine is getting a little too chilly, don’t panic! Often the problem can be rectified quickly and simply.

We’ve compiled a handy list of tips and tricks to help you get your machine back to normal and producing tasty, quality ice-cool slush.

Prevent slush machine from freezing

Tip One

Ensure the blades are always turning before any liquids are poured into the machine. This stops any ice forming before the machine starts to work.

Tip Two

Assess your mixture.

If the sugar level in the mixture isn’t high enough, large blocks of ice can form and become hard to break down. Getting the right water to syrup ratio will stop this from happening and allow the mixture to slush.

If your machine is frozen on the outside of the tank, the slush ratio may not have enough water. To rectify this, switch off your machine and let the slush defrost. Remove the mixture from the tank and refill with a slush mixture with a ratio of 6:1.

Correct syrup ratio to prevent machine from freezing

Make sure your syrup ratio is correct to prevent your machine from freezing up.

Tip Three

Alternatively, over freezing could be due to the machine being left on for too long. Make sure you turn off the machine while it’s not being used and allow the slush to fully defrost before switching back on. This can be done overnight if you prefer.

Tip Four

The quality of the slush syrup used is also important in preventing your machine from over freezing.

Sugar is the vital ingredient in quality slush syrup – and it’s not just to give it a delicious taste!

Essentially, the sugar in the syrup acts as the antifreeze on your freezing barrel. So, if you are tempted to purchase cheaper, low quality slush syrup, you run the risk of causing damage to your machine by placing pressure on the motor gearbox due to the sugar content being lower.

Mr Cool It’s wide range of slush syrups are high quality and reasonably priced. We always recommend using our syrups with our machines to help prevent machine problems.

Tip Five

Regular machine maintenance also helps prevent frozen drinks machines from over freezing and can help you to avoid costly repairs if things do turn sour.

We recommend washing and rinsing your machine on a weekly basis. Lubrication should be done twice a week, and your condenser cleaned weekly.

A full clean down, including the sanitisation and seal lubrication of your machine should be carried out every week, or every 500 drinks – whichever is soonest.

Regular cleaning helps prevent over freezing.

Regular cleaning helps prevent over freezing.

What to do if your machine is still freezing up

If our previous suggestions haven’t helped, check that the thickness setting screw has not been over tightened. You should also check that the slush mixture has been done to the correct dilution rate, as stated above.

This problem is usually the result of a faulty micro-switch which is located to the right of the motor in most machines. It may simply be that the switch button is stuck in which case you can free it and lubricate with WD40. But it may be faulty and need replacing.

Over freezing can also be caused by a weak or faulty gear motor which is stopping under load but then does not move against the thickness spring, meaning the machine will freeze constantly.

The worst-case scenario is that the valve stem operated by the solenoid coil is stuck in the open position in which case you need to replace the valve requiring an engineer.

But don’t worry, the Mr Cool It team are always on hand in case of emergency and can help to get your machine back in working order again.


It is best to avoid damage to your frozen drinks machine through proper maintenance and care, but we’re here to help if things do go wrong.

If our top tips haven’t worked and you feel there is a more serious problem with your machine, please get in touch.

We’re more than happy to help.

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