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Refurbished Slush Machines

Our full range of Mr Cool It refurbished machines have been restored by our in house team of experienced engineers to give you the same, great product at a fraction of the cost. We're so confident in our refurbishment team that we are giving a 3 month warranty on all refurbished machines from the time of purchase - longer than any other refurbished machine online!

Refurbished CAB Skyline Twin Slush Machine(2 x 10L)
Was £1,495.00 Now £825.00 Shop Now
Refurbished GBG Granismart G5 Compact Twin Slush Machine (2 x 5L)
Was £1,495.00 Now £795.00 Shop Now

Each machine is given a new lease of life with new seals, solenoid valves and refurbished gearbox motors then tested before it reaches your customers. All machines and parts used for our refurbished models are genuine and sourced directly from the manufacturer giving you great quality and even more savings.

Refurbished slush machines have been restored to have a capability of 100 small cups per hour for a 10 litre tank. Each tank can generate a return of up to £100 per hour when sold with Mr Cool It syrup at the RRP of £1 per 7oz cup. Machines with more tanks have the capacity to generate a greater return and allow for multiple flavours at once.

For businesses with a lower budget or wanting less commitment, refurbished slush machines are an ideal solution at a lower cost than new machines. Refurbished machines are also great for environmentally conscious businesses as it recycles an old machine preventing it from becoming waste.

The large range of slush machines available means there is a slush machine suited to every need. Smaller machines are great for businesses with limited space, particularly ice cream vans, and at home use. Larger machines have the capacity to cope with more sales so are able to meet the high demands of restaurants and shops. Multiple tanks also allow for more than one flavour to give your customer a bigger choice.